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I have always been fascinated what people could do with sand. Most of us, including myself, can't even make a sculpture with the help with the molds you can buy at Wal-mart!

What attracted me to this sandcastle competition was the creations were beautiful and all carved in less than 6 hours. When you go to these competitions you can watch these artists from start to finish. It is so different than watching it on tv. There is so much fun energy in the air.

These are held all over the world and all on different beaches. Each Sand Creation is a work of art. Some can make you laugh and others will make you cry. There are dedications to Stars that have passed away and some that are just absolutely beautiful. I am in awe of all of them. If I could, I would travel the world and photograph each one of these competitions.

If you get the chance to go to one of these competitions get ready for some great food and some great buys. There are many booths set up serving from chicken kabobs to kettle corn. The food is incredible and the people are friendly!

Just a WARNING, there are lots of people. And, I do mean lots!!! Do not bring babies, especially in strollers! There are two lines of people about 4-6 deep going in opposite directions. If everyone went in the same direction it would be so much smoother, but in the real world it just doesn't happen. So, NO BABIES, NO LITTLE KIDS and NO STROLLERS! There are alot of parents that are dragging little ones by the hand from one sand creation to another.... and they are miserable. They are crying, losing their flip-flops and getting their little toes stepped on. They can't see the sand creations and really don't care about them. Let's talk about the strollers. People are tripping over them and parents are running into people with them. So please don't use them. Everyone really needs to be aware of everyone else, because it is chaotic and most of the people are not wearing shoes.

So is it all worth it? You bet it is. I look forward to this weekend every year. What you see is only on this earth less than 6 hours. You willnever see these exact sand creations ever again. So, really enjoy what you are looking at, because these are truly amazing pieces of art.

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31st Annual
31st Annual U.S. 2011
Sandcastle Competition

30th Annual
30th Annual U.S. 2010
Sandcastle Competition

30th Annual
29th Annual U.S. 2009
Sandcastle Competition

28th Annual
28th Annual U.S. 2008
Sandcastle Competition

After 31 years of the U.S. Open Sand Castle Competition, the city of San Diego has decided not to have it anymore. I wish they would just charge each of us $1 and since there is 400,000 people, that would surely pay for everything they need. I hope they change their minds. I will miss it very much. That was our families vacation each year. Couldn't wait until we went to San Diego and see the sand castles.

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